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Facebook is known to allow advertisers to target specific groups of people. Do you know that you can see which advertisers are targeting you? You will probably be a big surprise to you.

As part of the effort to make Facebook more user-friendly with more transparency, it lets you know which advertisers are displaying ads using a list containing all your information. Facebook

This information is collected by the advertiser and then shared and presented by Facebook as a way of more transparency. According to the company, the reason you see some ads is because advertisers are trying to reach people with the information they have added to their profiles.

To find the settings on Facebook, click the link below to avoid looking for them. Be careful, the result might scare you, especially if you think you are protected in the biggest social , and more generally on the Web.

The specific according to Facebook, it displays your advertising preferences. You can find out what influences the ads you see and also "take" control (which Facebook allows) over the display of ads. Advertisers serve ads using a contact list they've uploaded that includes your contact information. The information was collected by the advertiser, typically after you provided your email address to either the advertiser or another business they work with.

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