Facebook: Why does it pull out all the security?

Facebook's security chief Alex Stamos will leave the company later this year, according with the New York Times. His retirement was reported as a result of disagreements about how to address the spread of misinformation in the larger social network.

Along with the departure of Alex Stamos, Facebook is redesigning its entire security team. Almost all of the 120 team employees are now assigned to product and infrastructure groups, according to the publication. Facebook

It is not clear at the moment whether Facebook has another security team or if it means that security teams are now integrated into other departments.

Alex Stamos's departure is reportedly decided last year, but the company has decided to keep it until August to transfer his duties to others. At the same time, it would not seem so bad for Facebook's reputation if it was not in the midst of ongoing discoveries about Russia's abuse of the platform during the 2016 elections in the US.

But then the scandal Cambridge Analytica, there seems to be no doubt about the extent of the abuse.

According to the publication, Facebook executives appear to be unhappy with Stamos' approach and seem to blame him for recent reactions to the company as he has concealed the violation for years.

In a tweet, Stamos said that his role has changed in Facebook, but that he remains "fully committed". However, he did not dispute that he would leave.

"Today I spend more time exploring emerging security risks and working for election security," Stamos said.

Reuters he also said that he would leave in August and that his responsibilities had been "removed".

Facebook said in a statement that Stamos remains the company's chief security officer, without recognizing any change in his role.

"Alex Stamos continues to be the Chief Security Officer (CSO) on Facebook," a spokesman said. "It has been in this position for almost three years and is leading our security efforts, especially around emerging risks. He is a remarkable member of the team and we are grateful for everything he does every day. ”

Stamos launched 2015 on Facebook. Prior to that, he was the head of information security at Yahoo. According to Reuters, he resigned a year after discovering that Yahoo had secretly created a program to scan all incoming emails for the NSA or the FBI.

In recent months, Stamos has been among Facebook executives eager to talk about the company and its ongoing problems on Twitter. Over the weekend, he expressed concern about the use of Facebook information by Cambridge Analytica but did not refer to it as a "data breach" as hackers did not infiltrate any systems.

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