Facebook: changed how comments are displayed

Apparently, Facebook has changed the way comments are displayed when you click on "more comments". The change was noticed last night by the friend of iGuru.gr Vaios Spock. Below is the screen shot with the update.

screenshot 2023 02 04 07 19 16

As you can see, the new way of displaying comments will open a new window on top of the Facebook page.

Our friend says:

What's happening? ! It seems that Fatsobook on Windows has changed the way comments are presented in a separate window when we press more comments.

It says that the new comment feature works on Windows, but we can verify that the appearance is the same across all operating systems.

At the moment we do not know if the new feature is here to stay, or if Facebook is conducting tests.
However, although it is a new feature and we often don't like Facebook's changes, we find this particular change very practical.

To thank our friend Vaios Spock, for the immediate report.

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