Facebook and Instagram convert your photo to ASCII

Did you know that Facebook and Instagram have a "secret" feature that turns your photos into ASCII? By making a slight change to the URLs of your photos, you can view them in color or in black and white in ASCII characters

ascii photos

The information came online from developer Mathias Bynens on twitter and has stimulated user interest.


As he says, the trick is extremely simple and applies to both sites. Just add the .txt or .html photo to the end of the photo url to see it in ASCII form. With txt it will be black and white and the html color.

For example, if this is your usual URL from Facebook or Instagram ...


…. then just add .txt at the end to see it in white and black ASCII version:

… Or add .html to see in ASCII colored:

The process is the same for Facebook photos, although in our tests we found it difficult to find a photo that its url address does not end in? Oh = something. In these url tricks do not work.

Of course on both sites, although conversion is a simple process, finding the original image URL is quite painful. For Instagram, you can see the source code in your browser and search for it there. And on Facebook, right-clicking images will unfortunately not get the correct URL format.

But if you are able to find the right way to give the actual URL, then you can play with this fun feature.

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