Facebook has announced how many follow-up requests it has received from secret services

Facebook revealed last night more details about how often it takes requests to provide information to government agencies with a publication on company press page. Facebook's General Counsel, Ted Ullyot, said the company received 9.000-10.000 applications in a six-month period ending 31 in December of 2012.

Facebook-SpyThis equates to about 1.500 applications per month. Ullyot said the nature of the requests made by "government agencies" was quite varied, ranging from cases of missing children by police to investigations by national security agencies into terrorist activity.

Ο Ullyot He pointed out that they were allowed to disclose the number of applications after negotiating with the "US national security authorities" when Facebook demanded more transparency on the issue. Starting first, Facebook will now include the number of applications coming from national security services, proudly declaring that it is the first company to do so.

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Although Ullyot said that this change was "progress", Facebook will continue to push for greater transparency.

In addition, 9.000 and 10.000 requests that applied to 18.000 with 19.000 Facebook accounts, are only 0,002% of Facebook users.

What do you think about revealing Facebook? It's a pioneering move or just ash in the eyes to put down the public after the earthquake that caused the scandal PRISM;

The transparency that Facebook claims does not stop the secret services from taking a secret look at our data….

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