Author Tag Facebook remembered a feature of 2013

Facebook has released the Author Tag feature for media members since June of 2013. Yesterday, product manager Vadim Lavrusik thought to remind that it is still a very useful tool.Author Tag

Lavrusik said in a Facebook Media blog post that the Author Tag feature makes it easier for journalists and other media members to allow Facebook users who like their publications to follow them.

Vadim Lavrusik wrote:

"When the reader returns to the News Feed after reading the article, the preview story will appear with a Continue button at the bottom of the News Feed post that will lead to the journalists' Facebook profile. It will also display a like button on journalists' Facebook pages. "

In addition to making it easier for some to follow the author of the article, the Author Tag can help journalists connect directly with readers who are more interested in their work. Journalists can then build further relationships with their Facebook followers by participating directly in the conversations, or through Q&As they will share with them.

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Lavrusik also provided instructions for developers or journalists wishing to apply the Author Tag to their web pages:

"Developers can find the Author Tag documentation from here. Journalists should be sure that “Follow” feature is enabled on their profile. ”

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