Forgive parents because they have published children's photos on Facebook

You might be able to bear it, but a teenager from Austria has been unable to manage her parents uploading her kid photos to Facebook.

18 time sued her parents when her requests to download the photos were not facebook

"They knew I was ashamed and they had no limit," he told a local newspaper.

"They did not care if it was a photo that showed me sitting on the toilet or showing me lying naked in the crib. They published every photo. ”

The woman mentioned her name repeatedly asked her parents to download almost 500 photos from the largest social network and they refused.

"I'm tired of them not taking me seriously."

Hopefully the lawsuit will help. Michael Rami's lawyer thinks he can prove that the photos violate the privacy right.

Some countries have laws related to this. In France, for example, a violation of the privacy of your children can lead you to jail.

Austria does not have a similar law, so if the court makes a judgment, things could change because of the res judicata.

But the teen's father thinks he has every right to share his daughter's photos on Facebook. The date of the court is set in November.

A Woman Is Suing Her Parents for Posting Embarrassing Childhood Photos to Facebook New York Magazine

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