Facebook: what is the BOLO list and who it is

We know that Facebook has huge volumes of data from its billions of users. However, according to reports, the company also has tracking data from individuals it considers to be a threat to the company or its executives. THE Revelation was made by CNBC on Thursday.

CNBC has spoken with several former senior social workers who claim that the company maintains a list of people for whom the Facebook security team should be "cautious."

This is the "BOLO" list that comes out of "be on the lookout". Facebook

This list of people includes, by information, anyone who comments badly or threatens Facebook services.

In some cases, according to CNBC, Facebook monitors people who think they are at risk using their IP address or combining their data with other services to locate their site. Then the company decides whether to deliver the data to the authorities or not.

CNBC reports that Facebook's BOLO list contains "hundreds" of names and that the conditions under which a person can be added to the list are quite subjective.

Of course one of the reasons is the insult of the founder of Mark Zuckerberg:

While some users end up on the list after repeated threats to the company that contain threats, others may find themselves on the BOLO list writing something as simple as "F- you, Mark", "F-Facebook" or "I'm gonna go kick your a—, ”according to a former security official.

A Facebook spokesman disputed all of the above, saying there were people going through a "rigorous review to determine the validity of the threat."

Facebook spokesman Anthony Harrison told Gizmodo that "the company's physical security team is there to keep Facebook employees safe as well."

They use standards to assess and address threats of violence against our employees and our company and refer threats to law enforcement authorities when necessary.

"We have strict procedures in place to protect the privacy of citizens and to comply with all privacy laws and Facebook's terms of service."

And according to σελίδα Policy data

We use the information we have to verify accounts, activity, combat harmful behavior, identify and prevent spam and other bad experiences, preserve the integrity of our products and promote Facebook security.
For example, we use data we have to investigate suspicious activities or violations of our terms and policies, or to find someone who needs help.

Of course the terms of use of Facebook do not mention anywhere that it is forbidden to report something bad about Zuckerberg.

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