Facebook is preparing a special news app

Facebook reportedly has begun testing in a new application that will display news, and will send alerts to users from the pages that are registered.

In order to compete better with Twitter, Facebook added some new features that make the social network similar to the micro-blogging network. Facebook Breaking News

A few years ago, the company released the trending themes something similar to Twitter's trends, but the feature never worked as it works on Twitter.

The fact has been to turn a number of Twitter stakeholders who are currently very good news.

However, Facebook seems to be trying to change this, with an application that will allow news agencies to instantly notify users of each new news item that is displayed.

The Business Insider managed to get a screenshot of the app and talk to a person who participates in the company's testing.

It seems that users should download and install a separate application to receive notifications from news reports (unless the application is integrated into an existing application).

Publishers will have in their hands a dashboard that will allow them to send notifications with 100 characters (reminds you of something?) That will probably be present in the new app.

Facebook recently announced the "Instant Articles" feature that will collaborate with selected news agencies and enable them to publish their articles directly using the social network.
But it seems that this feature was not well received and Breaking News sounds like an alternative way to get Facebook into this space.

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