Colorful posts on Facebook

Facebook will start adding a small new feature today to help you visually enhance your posts. From today you can add colors to the background of each post. Do not rejoice everyone .. For a start only users of Android mobile devices will be able to use the new feature.

Yes! posts with the new feature enabled will display a pop with colors that you can use as a background.

picture TNW

To use it, tap on the status bar, and select a color. Write your message and click publish. The new feature works for posts with links, images, or videos.

Although it is a simple feature, it is a great concession that will affect the visual identity of Facebook, which will no longer be the largest social platform in the world, in blue and white. This of course is not necessarily good…

The feature will be released for Android users during the week, but the background colors will be visible on Android, iOS and the Web.

It will be available on iOS and the Web "in the coming months."

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