Facebook removes fake police bills

According to a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Facebook has sent a letter to the Memphis Police Department (MPD) asking it to stop creating and using counterfeit accounts, fishing for information about their investigations.

As described in detail in the letter by Andrea Kirkpatrick, Facebook's chief executive and security adviser, the MPD was asked to stop creating fake Facebook accounts as an explicit violation of its social service terms and policies.

"Facebook has made it clear that law enforcement is also subject to these policies," Kirkpatrick said. "We consider this activity as a violation of Facebook terms and policies and therefore we have disabled the fake accounts we found in our investigation."

Fox13 received a response from MPD saying that the bogus account named Bob Smith was deleted before sending Facebook's letter to the police.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)"The fact that Facebook's legal department applies the rule even to law enforcement agencies that knowingly violate social networking standards is a good sign as it balances out competition over disputed policies."authentic names".

EFF has provided evidence that law enforcement agencies know that creating false accounts on Facebok breaks social policy terms and policies, but they choose to do so, as the collected data can be used in court. A common example is illegal network monitoring and gathering of information from activists.

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