Facebook: Denies rumors of leaving Europe

"In no case do we want to, nor do we have any plans to leave Europe," a Meta spokesman said in a statement, refuting the relevant scenarios that are making the rounds on the internet.Facebook, iguru

Specifically, the representative of Meta states the following:

"By no means do we want to leave Europe, nor do we have any plans to leave Europe. What is happening is that Meta, like many other companies, organizations and services, relies on data transfers between the EU and the US to operate some global services. Like other companies, we have followed the European rules and rely on Standard Contractual Clauses, but also on the necessary data safeguards for the operation of a global service. "Businesses need clear, global rules to protect transatlantic data flows in the long run, and like more than 70 other companies across a wide range of industries, we are closely monitoring the potential impact on our European operations as these developments proceed."

We remind you that international media reported that Mark Zuckerberg is considering closing Facebook and Instagram in Europe due to transatlantic data transfers.

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However, according to the statement of the company representative, there is no such issue.


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