Facebook has removed 1,3 billion accounts to address misinformation

Facebook revealed yesterday that it has removed more than a billion fake accounts to tackle misinformation, particularly covid-19.

On Monday, a post on the Facebook Newsroom reported that about 1,3 billion fake Facebook accounts. The company employs over 35.000 people working to address misinformation on its platform.

Facebook says that since the beginning of the pandemic, it has used AI systems to detect hate speech and comments and has deleted posts that contain misinformation.

As a result, more than 12 million have been removed on COVID-19 and vaccines.

Guy Rosen, a spokesman for Facebook, wrote that "misinformation can also be posted by individuals, even in good faith." Not everyone publishes misinformation with malicious intent. They may want to help people, but they do not know that the information they are sharing is actually untrue.

To deal with this , Rosen writes that Facebook has built a global network of more than 80 independent information reviewers who review content in more than 60 languages.

"When they rate something as fake, we reduce its distribution so that fewer people see it and add a warning label with more information to anyone who sees it. (…) For the most serious types of misinformation, such as false allegations about COVID-19 and vaccines and content intended to suppress the vote, we remove the content.

In addition to removing misleading or false information, Facebook has also created some special websites for users to find reliable information from trusted experts. Examples include pages for COVID-19, climate and vote in the US in 2020. "

The first time Facebook took action against misinformation was in August 2020, when it removed 7 million posts with COVID-19 misinformation. This led to the termination of some Russian disinformation networks, as well as the downgrading of posts that contained false claims about of the US in 2020.

But Facebook isn't the only social media platform to deal with the rise of fakes . Recently, the began banning users who consistently post misinformation about COVID-19. Even TikTok removed over 300.000 with misinformation about the US elections.

Although the lines between misinformation and usage control are often blurred, Facebook and every platform has every right to use the terms you have accepted when your. It is nothing more than a private enterprise with social effects. Any protest about a lack of freedom is rather utopian since anyone who uses the platform of social media has consented to these conditions. Otherwise he can set up a site and write whatever he wants.

From the reader's point of view, make sure that the information you receive daily comes from a reliable source or that you consider it a reliable source. Even better, we suggest you check the new stories you read before commenting on them.

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