Dislike comes as emoji on Facebook

Dislike is a feature that many people want on Facebook. New changes come from Facebook to the Messenger app that will allow users to respond to the messages they receive. Facebook has officially confirmed to TechCrunch that it is experiencing emojis who are reacting to Messenger.

Facebook has a feature that allows users to use one of seven possible responses. One of them is dislike, that is, a thumb pointing downwards, which could be interpreted as a dislike. This reaction is not available for News Feed posts, but is a feature that many users have asked in the past.dislike

"We're trying to find ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. "This is a small test that will allow users to share emoji that best represent their emotions in a message," said a Facebook employee.

Emojis with reactions are similar to those found in regular Facebook posts, except that they will be available in the Messenger app. The emojis will appear next to the message, signaling the user's response to a response.dislike

Facebook seems to be planning to bring emojis with reactions to all Messenger users, but the time of their official release is not yet known.

Note that the largest social network recently stated that it is developing feed news based on user reactions. So if users react with the emoji "love" to a certain post, the Facebook algorithm will display it first in the series.

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