Facebook technicians have access to your account without a code

How would you feel if you know that your Facebook account can be tampered with by company technicians without having to have your credentials?facebook login

Earlier this week, director Anjunabeats, Paavo Siljamäki, drew attention to this issue by publishing a very interesting story on his Facebok wall. During his visit to the Facebook office in Los Angeles, a technician Facebook was logged in to his account after he got his license, but the strange thing he could do was to do it without using a password.

After that, Siljamäki came in contact with Facebok to find out how many of the company's staff have this kind of access to his Facebok account, when exactly they can access their personal user data, and also how everyone knows from us that someone from Facebok joined our account.

Facebook issued the following statement according to Venturebeat:

"We have strict administrative, physical and technical controls that are able to restrict employees' access to user data. Our audits have been evaluated by independent third parties and have been confirmed several times by the Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, in the context of our audit. ”

However, the company did not exactly explain who can access, but assured its users that account access is staggered and limited to specific workgroups. Account access is granted to employees in response to a client's request for information or platform errors.

Specialists can only access the amount of information needed to perform their tasks, such as answering bug reports or account support queries. We have a zero-tolerance approach to abuse, and inappropriate behavior. ”

In short, the company appears to have a customer service tool that can give Facebok employees access to each user's account. The company runs two separate tracking systems that generate weekly reports of suspicious behaviors that are then reviewed and analyzed by two independent security groups, made up of a specially selected group of employees. These employees, according to the company, are considered reliable ...

Read the publication of Paavo Siljamäki


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