Facebook: what does the commitment it wants

One of the core values ​​of Facebook's corporate culture is "engagement" in English. Do you really understand that?

What can Facebook mean when it comes to engagement at all levels? What are the levels? Commitment from senior executives to the last employee, to move to the next level, that of end user.

Facebook seems desperate to find ways to get more involved with its users, although this is the goal of any website that targets financial gains. Any page that manages to keep users online is even more successful.

So the point is to find out the way.Facebook

If you take a look at the ranks on the Greek internet scene, you will be amazed at the positions occupied by some websites. You may be thinking (and rightly so) "but what does it offer the public?"
If we do the same question for Facebook, we may find out how the company is trying to keep its audience longer in its interactive pages. Spam notifications are just one example.

The display of content from the pages mentioned above with news headlines (for example) that shout "clickbait" reflects Facebook's obsession with loyalty, without barriers and limits.
We are talking about a kind of content that attracts people, even if they regret it because they once again scolded them.

Keywords such as "Stormy developments", "Shocking details", "Sombre bomb" attract like a magnet an audience that not only does not protest, but claims that Facebook is a place where all the news of the day is gathered. In the US, this has contributed to a highly polarized political climate, and paranoia about fake elections.

Facebook's Facebook line is that it gives users what they want. And he does not lie. But casinos also give gamers what they want. Facebook hinders the equivalent of information about fast food, based on the addictive tendency of people to maximize the need for consumption of each boar. It is a perfectly legitimate business strategy, though it is not particularly gentle.

In order not to flatten everything, there is good content on the social network, but you will need perseverance, patience, luck, courage and audacity.

Zuckerberg argues that Facebook is a positive force in the world because it "gives more people than one voice."

But I'm big enough to remember how the Internet was before Facebook. 2003, there were many ways for electronic expression. Facebook did not discover the online chat. It was not the first page to allow sharing photos and videos, and if it disappears tomorrow from the Internet, we still have many ways to make our voice heard.

What distinguishes Facebook from many other websites is its ruthless, and highly interesting, focus on growth. Every business wants to grow naturally, but some companies are trying to do it while retaining some values.
Facebook, on the other hand, appears to be only interested in promoting continued growth and, of course, greater end-user involvement.

Do you really think the fake news phenomenon will stop on Facebook? The drama sells, unfortunately, Facebook besides the pages that know the art of dramaturgists well, there are drama queens / kings.
As a member of the social network, you have to tolerate them all, while trying not to affect you.
Exit Facebook, block cookies and scipts, but you will not be able to stop it from watching or influencing you. Stupid arguments are magnified, politicians always have a balcony, and the group's interpersonal drama is streaming through every screen in every home.

I do not know how many people insist on using it, but if everyone stops writing on the social network for 30 minutes a day, they will definitely make my life and their lives better.

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