Facebook connects Messenger with Instagram

Earlier last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he planned to integrate Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp into a messaging platform.

Scheduled integration is supposed to allow messaging between these services, with end-to-end encryption support.

Today one new publication by The Verge shows that the largest social network has begun merging Instagram with Messenger in a sign of a more serious effort to merge the three separate messaging services.

This was found on iOS and Android devices in the US. If you open the Instagram application on any of these operating systems, you will see a screen informing you of a "new way of messaging on Instagram." It is not certain if this screen appears to everyone in the US or only to a limited number of users.

The new integration also brings some new features, such as new colors for chats, emoji reactions, swipe response and chat with Facebook users.

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If the above window appears on your device and you accept the update you will be taken to an Instagram screen where the standard instant messaging icon has been replaced with the Messenger logo.

For now, though, there seems to be no way to send a message to Facebook users from Instagram.

Recall that the Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission) could stop this integration due to antitrust concerns.

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