From today and Facebook food orders

Facebook released a new one of ordering food on its website for and desktops.

Έτσι στις περιοχές που έχουν επιλεγεί να λάβουν το νέο χαρακτηριστικό τα μέλη του μεγαλύτερου κοινωνικού δικτύου, μπορούν από την ενότητα “Εξερεύνηση” στον υπολογιστή σας ή από το μενού εφαρμογών στις κινητές συσκευές να κάνουν on with the hamburger.

Interested people will be taken to a page full of nearby restaurants and eating on Facebook.Facebook

From the restaurant list, you can either go to the Facebook page of any restaurant and order there, or choose Start Order, directly choosing to order from the store menu. You can also pay directly through the app. Image

Note that the new feature does not work for everyone yet. Some may see the message that there are no restaurants nearby for delivery (does not specify if this means "no delivery at all"). Still others like here in Greece will have to wait for the response of the local stores to the new Facebook service.

This choice is the fruit of a partnership between Facebook and the and Slice websites.

We expect it to be adopted soon by any restaurant that distributes food and is interested in getting on its list. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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