Facebook data leakage from closed groups

Members of the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seeking answers to the company's latest privacy scandal.

The American lawmakers sent her their letter today (PDF) when a group of privacy experts revealed yesterday that they filed a complaint against Facebook with the US Federal Trade Board last December.Facebook

The complaint includes 43 pages, (available here as PDF), and accuses Facebook of misleading users belonging to its "closed" groups.

According to one Publication of CNBC, an administrator of a Facebook group, discovered that a Chrome extension allowed advertisers to collect names and emails of users who were in "closed" Facebook groups.

He claimed that the company was misleading users as they believed that the "closed" groups were completely private. In fact, the company allows third-party applications to collect sensitive information.

This does not seem to be a problem for the majority of Facebook users, otherwise the constant increase of social network members is not explained. But for members of "closed" groups this behavior could at least be considered harassment.

"This consumer complaint raises a number of concerns about Facebook's privacy policies and practices," Energy and Commerce officials said in an open letter.

"Marking these groups as closed may mislead Facebook users into joining them and revealing more personal information than they would normally disclose."

What will happen now; Mark will answer and reassure everyone until the next scandal. Do you really believe that at some point the biggest social network will stop earning money from its members?


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