Facebook hack: See if your account has been affected

A few weeks ago, Facebook admitted that up to 50 millions of accounts were affected by an online attack.

Today, the company has published more about leaked data, but has also developed a tool that can tell you if information has leaked from your account.Facebook

Such as we mentioned In the morning, Facebook confirmed that hackers had stolen access tokens "only" from 30 million members of the social network, and not from the 50 million that were initially reported.

From 15 millions of these accounts, hackers could only get the phone number, e-mail address, or both. From 14 million accounts, hackers have been able to obtain more information such as username, gender, state of affairs, religion, birthdays and more.

But today, the company claims to know exactly what accounts were affected, and with a page that we posted lets us check if our data is on the Internet.
You can check if you are affected by hacking with a visit to the Facebook Help Center. Below, you'll see a notification (see the following figure), which will tell you if you are a victim of hacking. The picture below shows that the account has not been violated.


Check your account.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook hackers have been unable to steal your passwords.

If you find that your account has been compromised, it will be to wait for more attacks. The leaked information could be used by hackers to respond to security questions on other pages to restore your password. So if you have used this information and elsewhere it would be good to change it.


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