Facebook hacked: user messages are being sold

Private messages from 81.000 Facebook members are available for sale at 10 cents per account via FBSaler. The hacked accounts appear to come from the BlackHatWorld underground forum.


In addition to private messages from 81.000 profiles, FBSaler also published information from other 176.000 accounts, with email addresses and phone numbers.

The FBSaler Reported also to the BBC that they have total data from 120 millions of Facebook accounts, but without giving any proof.

BBC Image

However, according to the BBC, "the Russian service of the BBC contacted five Russian Facebook users, whose private messages were allegedly stolen and confirmed that they were theirs".

From the 120 million profiles FBSaler is reported to have, the 2,7 million accounts are owned by Russians.

Facebook for its part told the BBC that their systems have not been compromised, and that they believe the data comes from browser extensions.

"We have contacted browser manufacturers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available for download in their stores," Guy Rosen of Facebook told the BBC.

We have also contacted the Authorities and are working with Russian services to close the site displaying information from Facebook accounts.

Facebook seems to be going through one endless crisis, starting from its scandal Cambridge Analytica and soon after with a security issue that affected it 50 million users in September.

Let's see if all this will have an impact on the profits of the next quarter.


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