Facebook 2018 and continue to play hoax

The following post has been circulating a lot in the last few days on Facebook. Its super duper creator (should not have been Greek, as republishing seems to be a very bad translation of a foreign language) believes he has found a way to bypass his algorithm social network to show all his friends' posts.Facebook

Of course this is not the case as Facebook algorithm is programmed to display content on your homepage, using many different criteria. These include popularity, kinship and how "close" you are to one of your friends, and more.


Of course our friend managed to bypass the algorithm with some smillies and spaces.
If you want to try and you below, there is the publication in question.
To mention that seeing such posts go viral still does not honor us. The fact shows that among us there continue to be online illiterates in the years 2018….

Let us also mention that this publication does not hide any danger, except maybe the one of cheating as it claims something that does not apply.

I was wondering where they were all!
That's good to know: it's ridiculous to have 600 friends and only 25 allowed to see my place.
I ignored this publication earlier, but it works !! I have news. I see publications from people I have to see for years.
See how you can bypass the fb system now in place limiting posts to your updates.
Their new algorithm selects the same few people - about 25 - who will read your publications. Therefore,
Hold your finger anywhere in this post and the "copy" will appear. Click "copy". then go to your page, start a new post and put your finger anywhere in the blank field. THE "paste”(S.s .: means paste) will appear and click on the paste.
This will bypass the system.
If you are reading this post, please do me a favor and leave me a quick comment; ! ၢ. It works!!


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