Facebook Homomorphic Encryption & reads encryption

It's no longer a secret: Facebook (and other companies) use our data to serve us personalized ads. The main application like Instagram has no problem with data collection.

But what about another family application that uses end-to-end encryption? The company has often considered displaying ads in the WhatsApp application.

So right now Zuckerberg's company is trying to solve a strange puzzle: encryption and advertising. According to a Publication of The Information, the company creates a team of AI researchers to explore the possibilities of data analysis without breaking the encryption.encryption

This will allow Facebook to serve targeted ads in the WhatsApp application, but of course also collect data from it. To mention for anyone who has forgotten that end-to-end encryption is one of the best features of the application.

It's the reason Facebook changed its privacy policy earlier this year.

Yes Facebook wants to make more money than WhatsApp. So he made a controversial privacy policy change to be able to interact with WhatsApp from other Facebook apps.

However, if he can solve the ad insertion puzzle without breaking the encryption, he will be able to earn a lot of money from the 2 billion + users who use the free application.

The technology is called Homomorphic Encryption (Homomorphic Encryption), which allows you to extract important information without breaking the encryption. Companies like IBM and Google are already working on new technology and exploring its use in areas such as health and finance.

According to The Information, there is no timetable for when Facebook will announce results, if it does. Of course Zuckerberg would like to have the new technology yesterday to start cutting money.

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