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Facebook knows much more about your personal life than you think. Because of its increasingly aggressive advertising policy, Facebook can now watch the entire web. The company collects a list of personal information for each user that includes important life events and general interest information.Facebook

Of course, all of this with your permission since you have agreed to the Terms of Service.

Facebook has published a new portal for and educating its members on targeted advertising but also on ad settings preferences, trying to make the following line easier to understand.

Portal tools reveal 98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target the ads on the page especially to you.

There are many obvious features that Facebook knows about its users, such as whether you were married, if you just returned from a vacation, or if you are going to have a baby. Most of this personal data is collected when you publish something on Facebook or update your profile.

But then there are also certain things that are definitely not voluntarily submitted, such as the number of credit cards you have, if you are an investor, what you invest in, if there is a balance on your credit , whether you use vouchers, and whether you are likely to move.

Washington Post has tried to collect all the information that gathers the largest social network. Imagine the information listed below in the hands of advertisers. For those who doubt their value, remind us that Facebook built an 355 empire almost billions of dollars of empire.

Let's see what Facebook knows about you:

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Generation
  4. Genus
  5. Subject to local law, you have certain rights regarding the Personal Information we collect, use or disclose and that is related to you, including the right to:
  6. Education level
  7. Πεδίο ς
  8. School
  9. Affiliations
  10. Income from your work
  11. Homes and type
  12. House price
  13. Property size
  14. Square of the house
  15. The year that the house was built
  16. Composition of the household
  17. Users who have an anniversary within 30 days
  18. Users who are away from their family or home
  19. Users who are friends with someone who has an anniversary, married or hired, or recently moved, or has a birthday in a while
  20. Users with relationships over long distances
  21. Users with new relationships
  22. Users with new jobs
  23. Users who work recently
  24. Just married
  25. Recently moved users
  26. Users who have their birthdays soon
  27. Parents
  28. Future parents
  29. Mothers, divided into "species" (classical, modern, etc.)
  30. Users who are likely to be involved in politics
  31. Conservative and liberal
  32. Relationship status
  33. Employer
  34. Industry
  35. Job title
  36. Office type
  37. Interests
  38. Users who own motorcycles
  39. Users planning to buy a car (and what kind / brand of the car, and how soon)
  40. Users who buy auto parts or have purchased parts recently
  41. Users who are likely to need departments or car services
  42. The style and brand of the car you drive
  43. The year you bought the car
  44. Age of the car
  45. How much money is likely to spend on the next car
  46. From which the next car is more likely to buy
  47. How many employees work in your company
  48. Users who own small businesses
  49. Users working in management or executives
  50. Users who have donated for charity
  51. Operating system
  52. Playing users
  53. Users owning a game console
  54. Users who have created an event on Facebook
  55. Users who have used Facebook Payments
  56. Users who have spent more than the average on Facebook Payments
  57. Users who manage a Facebook page
  58. Users who have recently uploaded photos to Facebook
  59. The web browser
  60. The email service
  61. Early or late adoption of new technology
  62. Homogeneous
  63. Users belonging to a credit union, national bank or regional bank
  64. Users investing (total and separate depending on the type of investment)
  65. Number of credit cards
  66. Users who often use credit cards
  67. Credit card type
  68. Users with debit cards
  69. Users who have money on their credit card
  70. Users who listen to the radio
  71. Preference for television broadcasts
  72. Users using a mobile device (totally and separately depending on the brand they use)
  73. Internet connection type
  74. Users who have recently acquired a smartphone or tablet
  75. Users who access the Internet via a smartphone or tablet
  76. Users using coupons
  77. Types of household and clothing purchases
  78. Which month of the year most users spend most of their money.
  79. Users who purchase beer, wine or general alcoholic beverages
  80. Users who buy from groceries (and what kinds)
  81. Users who buy beauty products
  82. Users who buy medicines for allergy, cough, cold medicines, pain relief products, and users who buy too many medicines
  83. Users who spend money on household products
  84. Users who spend money on products for children or pets
  85. Users with most purchases of domestic products
  86. Users who tend to shop online (or offline)
  87. Types of restaurants that everyone likes
  88. The kinds of stores you prefer
  89. Users who are "receptive" to offers from companies offering online car insurance, tertiary education or mortgages, and prepaid debit cards or satellite television
  90. How long does an average user live in the house?
  91. Users who are likely to be moved soon
  92. Users interested in the Olympic Games, football, cricket Ramadan etc
  93. Users who travel frequently, for work or for leisure
  94. Users moving to work
  95. Holiday styles made by each user
  96. Users who recently returned from one di
  97. Users who have recently used travel applications
  98. Users who share their time to help others The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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