Facebook leaked information from 267 million users

Information from 267 million Facebook users has leaked to the internet and can now be downloaded from a hacking forum.

The database includes user IDs, phone numbers and their names, such as he says Comparitech and security researcher Bob Diachenko. This information was uploaded to a public server that was accessible to anyone without a password or other authentication method.


The data was first recorded on December 4, while on December 12 all the information was uploaded to a hacking forum. Two days later, the security investigator reported the incident to the ISP owned by the server's IP address and on December 19 the database went offline.

However, because many have downloaded many copies of the database, they continue to circulate as they have been uploaded to other servers. So the risk for the future spam and Phishing is high, according to researchers.

To date, we do not know how the information is leaked. Diachenko believes that the data was stolen from a Facebook API before the social network added verification with a phone number in 2018.

The security investigator believes that the hack was carried out by a hacker living in Vietnam, but has not yet provided evidence.

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