Facebook Libra: France doesn't want it in Europe

The ambitious , faces many problems in Europe by its announcement in June.

Now, according with Reuters, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire does not want to launch in the EU, as he says it is not clear exactly how the digital will work .

Facebook Libra

Le Maire stated that there are many systemic economists , κίνδυνοι κυριαρχίας και το ενδεχόμενο κατάχρησης δεσπόζουσας θέσης στην αγορά που συνδέεται με την κυριαρχία του :

    All of these concerns about Facebook Libra are serious. So I want to say quite clearly: under these circumstances we cannot approve the development of Libra on European territory.

In August, the EU Commission reportedly published a tender against Libra. Regulators are worried that Facebook Libra could create "potential restrictions on competition" once it has the data of consumers who use it.

In July, Yves Mersch, a Luxembourg lawyer and board member of of the Central Bank, called Libra a “pseudo-".

He said that Facebook's goal with Libra is centralized governance, and centralized control, which is completely contrary to the concept of a decentralized currency.


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