Facebook preaches war on anti-bullies

Facebook will try to reduce both anti-vaccine content on Facebook and Instagram.


According today's Facebook announcement, the company will run a new action plan to combat misinformation around vaccinations. The beginning will be by downgrading the ranking of groups and pages that spread false information about vaccines so they appear less in Facebok News Feed. And in Instagram respectively, the company will prevent the presence of anti-vaccination content in Instagram Explore and hashtag pages.

The crackdown on Facebook is about making it harder to find these pages. Antispammers will be excluded from the recommendations and will not appear as suggested when typing in the Facebar search bar. Ads containing misinformation about vaccinations will be rejected.

According to Facebok, this campaign will build on the experience of the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help identify which pages spread the truth and which disseminate fantasies about vaccines. These organizations have identified pages of jokes and common misconceptions about vaccines.

Facebook is the last social network that has not taken action on vaccinations. Last month, Pinterest took steps to prevent relevant content from appearing in search results, and YouTube began blocking the advertising channels against vaccines.



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