Facebook: What happened two days ago and what's going to happen

I've spent the last two days attending Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's hearings. Craze; Can anyone know? The news of Greece is just old and there is no horizon for dramatic changes.

In του Mark Zuckerberg τώρα: It made an impression that although he was accompanied by a small group, no one else spoke…

There was at least no legal advice at all and every question answered directly. I do not know if anyone from Silicon Valley will do the same. Facebook

Zuckerberg, although he had difficulties many times, was alone in Congress, since after all he has one of the biggest machines of revenue.

At one point the question from a senator was extremely crucial, but the time was up: "That was very good!" he was heard to say, and rather from within he completed "bring the next one."

Facebook: Where was Sheryl Sandberg?

Zuckerberg could hide behind Sheryl Sandberg's personality. It could announce it as responsible for any future data security and ethics incidents on Facebook. She and her partners.

The Senate would have seen that there was "supervision" in the company and would have been more satisfied.

But there was no Sheryl in the hearings to apologize. In fact, none of Facebook has apologized except for Zuckerberg and has not apologized for the company but for himself.

"It was my fault, and I'm sorry, I started Facebook, I run it and I'm responsible for what 's happening here."

Sheryl Sandberg, is the architect of the social network advertising companies and deals with Facebook data. It has a team of highly specialized communication staff.

"It is really remarkable that Sandberg was not subject to any public scrutiny for this crisis, as it is widely believed that it was hired to handle such political situations. said Kara Alaimo, Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Hofstra University.

Facebook: Zuckerberg is playing alone

When Facebook submitted an application for financial entry, Mark Zuckerberg managed to get the company as general manager, despite his young age.

Its founders , Larry Page και Sergey Brin, έπρεπε να αποδεχθούν κάποια “εποπτεία ενηλίκων” από τον Eric Schmidt, ο οποίος ανέλαβε τη θέση του CEO αρκετά χρόνια πριν από το χρηματιστήριο, λόγω της of e-business funds.

The founders of Google were in sight for ten years, when they both stopped 40!
Zuckerberg has shown on the world stage very clearly that Facebook is Zuckerberg and Facebook Zuckerberg (at least at present).

Who will talk about Google?

One of the senators said it would be good to hear him Larry Page, chief executive of Alphabet, Google's parent company. This of course is not going to happen because the company suffers from a worsening disability of speech.
Ο Sergey Brin is plus and President of the company, but is more interested in stratospheric activities. It is currently building an aircraft worth $100 million.
Ο Eric Schmidt, the former CEO and president of Google, is known in Washington but unfortunately left the company earlier in 2018.
That leaves him - the current CEO of Google that no one really knows.

Facebook and Google have a very special relationship and they certainly try to stay out of each other's way. Both they own more than 85% of online advertising.

Both companies raise news from too many media but have the responsibility that they can not keep society and democracy safe from any toxic content and fake news. It could take up to five years to get a reliable AI ready for Facebook to be able to identify and separate the sources of and hate speech.

Facebook: What's Next?

State regulations are inevitable. It was quite clear from the questions made by the Senators at Zuckerberg.

"Let me first state that my position is not that there should be no regulation"

Silicon Valley's elite classes have been hit hard because none of them wants any kind of government oversight.


If the state decides that Facebook will have to make thousands of new recruits to get people to immediately delete the inappropriate content, no technology company will be left unaffected.
Zuckerberg is about to announce a new initiative on advertising data soon, along with support for some new legislation that will look at how businesses collect and use consumer data to ensure that each competitor has the same equivalence conditions in the market.

It is obvious that the new regulations will bring a lot of increased business costs.

They will gather even more advertising power for Facebook, because it will be legal. It is well known that the regulations are excellent because the government is at the side of the company that respects them.

Zuckerberg will of course have the opportunity to use his personal view (and his personal property on Facebook) to possibly review the whole of the online advertising industry. Facebook may be getting better, but the advertising industry will get shocks.

We see….

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. I do not think that there has been a great swindler in the world or a great criminal who did not have too much audacity. Audacity in setting up dishonors, audacity in applauding them, but also audacity in defending them.

    Note If anyone wants my information because it will be offended by my comment, feel free to give it. I do not care since I have always considered that the free expression of opinion is sovereign of all. Especially when it has to do with the common good.

    • George, I do not know if you have heard or read what Mark Zutetios said, but he did not say anything, except that he is responsible. According to Mark, everything will be done by AI when it is ready by 2040…

      I do not agree that there is no other, there are many, do not go far and look for the world, here locally look

      • I totally agree with you. Besides, I see some "such others" every time I look at the "traffic sources" on my blogger…
        Good luck and thank you for what you offer us.

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