Facebook chatbots are coming for Messenger group talks

Το Facebook φέρεται να σχεδιάζει να κυκλοφορήσει μια νέα κατηγορία bots για το who will undertake to serve group conversations.

TechCrunch reports that the big announcement will be made at the F8 conference, and that the team bots are built to update users in real-time with news such as sports scores, deliveries and much more.Facebook

While Facebook has not officially commented on the matter, TechCrunch cites three unnamed sources familiar with the development process of the new s. The biggest social network is said to be already working with chatbot makers as it prepares for the big day.

The company also claims to have plans to open APIs to allow more developers to create their own team bots.

This could be very practical in some cases. For example, a soccer fans on Messenger could add a bot to their chat that could report score changes, big moments and other news. Another team bot could keep you and your colleagues informed about when the pizza you're expecting for lunch will arrive.

While the bots platform there is about a year, Facebook has not yet developed anything important or has not really focused on technology yet. With this move the company is expected to bring these team bots as news carriers and not as pretending to be someone who can chat with you.

It remains to be seen what the new technology will actually look like when it is introduced. Besides, we should not wait too long, as there are only a few weeks left for the F8 developer conference, which will take place at the Convention of San Jose on April 18 and 19, 2017.

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