Facebook Messenger new Easter egg for 1 users twice a month

Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly the biggest application of personal messages: Today announced the milestone of one billion active users each month. This means that 200 million users have been added since January.Facebook Messenger

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has since 1 a billion active users every month. This means that over 1 on 7 residents on the planet use a Facebook chat application.

To celebrate the fact Facebook added a Easter egg to the Facebook Messenger application: Send an emoji balloon to someone to see what happens.

The company also provided some statistics:

The most popular sticker pack was Angry Birds
Application users send 22 millions of GIFs each day, or 254 GIFs per second
Application users have played 1200000000 games in basketball
250 million football games
300 sent millions of flowers to Mother's Day
and 360 million on Valentine's Day

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