Facebook Messenger new Easter egg for 1 users twice a month

Facebook Arguably the largest personal messaging app: Today it announced the milestone of one billion monthly active users. This means that 200 are added since January.Facebook Messenger

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has since 1 a billion active users every month. This means that over 1 on 7 residents on the planet use a Facebook chat application.

To celebrate the event Facebook added one egg στην εφαρμογή Facebook Messenger: Στείλτε ένα μπαλόνι σε κάποιον να δείτε τι θα συμβεί.

Η διέθεσε επίσης ορισμένα στατιστικά στοιχεία:

The most popular sticker pack was Angry Birds
Οι χρήστες της εφαρμογής στέλνουν 22 εκατομμύρια GIFs κάθε μέρα, ή 254 GIF το δευτερόλεπτο
Application users have played 1200000000 games in basketball
250 million football games
300 sent millions of flowers to Mother's Day
and 360 million on Valentine's Day

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