Facebook Messenger end-to-end encryption feature extension

Το Facebook μπορεί να μην είναι τόσο δημοφιλές σήμερα όσο άλλες πλατφόρμες κοινωνικής δικτύωσης, αλλά ο Facebook Messenger, εξακολουθεί να χρησιμοποιείται από δισεκατομμύρια. Προηγουμένως ήταν μέρος του Facebook, αλλά αργότερα παρουσιάστηκε σαν μια αυτόνομη εφαρμογή. Αυτό επιτρέπει σε πολλούς να χρησιμοποιούν την πλατφόρμα ανταλλαγής μηνυμάτων χωρίς να έχουν λογαριασμό στο Facebook.

While Messenger doesn't have as many features as its competitors, it has all the essentials of a communication app, including chat functionality, SMS support, voice/video calling, and more.messenger

Now, Meta is adding end-to-end encrypted conversations (E2EE from end-to-end encrypted) to Messenger's core features. This means you can use all the features of the app, chat topics, emoji reactions and more, completely encrypted.
These features were absent from Messenger's end-to-end encrypted chats, but with the new update, you can have them. Additionally, users also have the ability to set different group profile pictures for their friends and colleagues.

Another addition to the area of ​​end-to-end encrypted chats is that link previews. A status indicator will also show your contacts when you're using the app and you're online. e2ee fbm

Chat Bubbles is also coming back to Android. For those who don't remember, Bubbles allow an easier way to approach people from the home screen. The contacts you're chatting with are in a floating bubble on your home screen. You can click on the “bubble” and start sending messages.

The update that includes all of these new Facebook Messenger features hasn't rolled out for everyone yet, as Meta reports on her official blog that the feature is rolling out "gradually".

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