Facebook Messenger with group video chat

Facebook has added the Messenger video chat feature since the autumn we passed. To date, more than 245 million people can and do one-on-one video conversations each month with the social network service.

But it looks as though the largest social network has added a new feature, allowing group video conversations.Messenger

It is now available globally for iOS and Android applications.

Each video chat group will be able to participate up to 50 people in different ways. You will be able to see up to six people together, and 50 will be able to hear and respond using text, stickers, emojis, and GIF.

In a way, it's like Google Hangouts although it allows participation in 10 people while others can hear without being involved.

Group video chat works with data for mobile connections and Wi-Fi but of course requires the latest version of Messenger.

You can select a group of people you want to talk to, tap on the video icon in the upper right corner of the screen to activate a video chat.

Everyone in the group will be informed about your action and will be able to take part when they want (if they want).

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