Facebook Messenger: Instant Games available for everyone

Last November, Facebook announced a new Instant Games service, which was only available to US application users. Today, Facebook has revealed that Instant Games in Messenger will work globally.

Instant Games in Messenger allow users to play various games while on the move. The main purpose of the service is to provide users with ways to discover, share and play games without having to install separate apps.Instant Games

The service is available on Facebook News Feed and Messenger and you can use it by tapping the game controller icon embedded under the message box.

In addition to the announcement of the worldwide game of instant games, Facebook also has more game features, such as game bots, which will help game developers display notifications with information such as new levels and rewards.

Developers will also be able to create dynamic and customizable gameplay experiences for users by letting them know when new options are added to the game. This will surely attract more users to Messenger games since players will see any new options available.

Facebook also said it plans to add more games each week. There are currently 50 games you can play through Messenger, but their availability depends on the device and the user's location.

Facebook has announced that Instant Games on Messenger will be released worldwide in the next few weeks, both on iOS and Android, which means that more than 1,2 billion people using the app monthly will have the chance to play games without having to install some new application.

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