Facebook Messenger for IOS with multi-account support

If you need to manage more than one account at Messenger σε μια συσκευή iOS, έχουμε καλά νέα για σας. Η εταιρεία άρχισε να υποστηρίζει την αλλαγή λογαριασμών στην εφαρμογή της.Facebook Messenger

The feature was available on devices with since February, and allows you to add multiple accounts to the same application and switch between them.

The news will greatly delight webmasters, small business owners, public figures, or family members who share a single device.

The app update essentially makes Facebook Messenger for all of the company (Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram). So you can switch accounts without having to log in-log out.

When your application is updated, you will see the option in the Profile - Change Account box. There you will see the plus sign that allows you to add a new account. Good luck!

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