Facebook Messenger Kids with parental control options

Facebook Messenger Kids: Facebook just released a new version of Facebook Messenger, aimed at children under the age of 13.

The app, called Facebook Messenger Kids, works a lot like a "clean" basic version of the app. The biggest difference is that it is designed with parental control options.Facebook Messenger Kids

Accounts must be created by parents, and children can only talk to a predefined contact list. The list may include relatives who can use the usual Facebook Messenger app or carefully selected friends. A list appears on the Home screen showing who is logged into the chat.

Facebook's augmented reality technology makes Facebook Messenger Kids very different from the usual application. So children can access stickers and masks that are appropriate for their age. It also includes many GIFs, but they have gone through the sieve of the company.

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In addition, children can send text messages and photos.

From many opinions, Facebook Messenger Kids is a very good security move. Children are already violating the age limit set by Facebook and have accounts on the popular social network.

So Facebook Messenger Kids comes to offer an alternative that has some of the key features of the main conversation application, but it gives parents the ability to impose some limits. Parents will also appreciate that the whole new app is free and their children's data will not be used to target ads (according to Facebook).

Also, in-app purchases can not be made, so there is no chance your child will use your credit card to buy a bonus on Messenger games,

Facebook Kids is available today for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (although it may not be available in any country).

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