Facebook: Reactions and Mentions come to Messenger

Facebook has just announced it will release two new features to Messenger for Android and iOS. These features have already begun to appear to Messenger users from around the world.

Facebook reactions to Messenger will allow users to express themselves in a fun way by choosing from a range of emojis. The "new" feature is similar to the ear that already exists in Facebook posts. Facebook
With these emojis you will be able to choose a reaction to express love, a smile, surprise, regret, anger, applause or disapproval. Among the emojis, Facebook also added the disapproval thumb to Messenger, but it is not available for News Feed posts.

Facebook also added the ability for Messenger users to see how many people react to a message and to be informed about the reactions of each member of a group. In addition, a small animation will appear inside the conversation whenever someone responds to a message.

Facebook with the new update will be able to send notifications even when Messenger is not open. Reactions will be available in group discussions as well as in one-on-one conversations in messages between friends.

Facebook also introduced the references, or as we know them from Twitter, the Mentions. The feature comes as a way to notify users who name their name in a conversation. You just need (like Twitter) to enter the @ symbol followed by the person's name.

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