Facebook Messenger: Send self-deleting messages

See how you can send messages to Facebook Messenger that will be deleted automatically after the time you specify.

secret messenger

There may be times when you want to send confidential messages to Facebook Messenger, such as a password or a credit card number, etc. In such cases, you can send messages that disappear automatically after a while. See in this guide how to send a self-destructive message to Facebook Messenger via Android and iOS.

The specific function of automatically deleting messages is referred to as Secret Conversation, and Facebook has introduced it since in November 2020.

Unfortunately you can not use it in the Web version, as it is only available in the Facebook Messenger application for Android and iOS. Therefore, if you want to send self-deleting messages to Facebook Messenger you need to do the following via a mobile phone. Our example refers to an Android phone, but you can do the same on the iPhone. The steps are the same, with minor differences in the user interface.

Step 1: Open the Messenger application on your mobile.

Step 2: Click the new message to compose a new message.
secret messenger 1

First, you need to open the Messenger application on your mobile phone and press the "new message" button that has a pencil, which helps you write a new message.

Step 3: Swipe to activate the Secret chat button.
secret messenger 2

Once the next screen appears, drag the "Secret Chat" button in the upper right corner, with the lock symbol.

Step 4: Select a contact to whom you want to send the self-destructive message.
After that, select a contact or friend from the list to which you want to send the self-destructive message. They can be more than one. You are basically keeping your conversation secret and you could have two open conversations with the same person. One secret and one normal.

Step 5: Click on the clock icon, select the time the message will be deleted and press the OK button.
Click on the clock icon visible at the bottom and select a time to display your memory. Whatever time you choose, Messenger will delete the message as soon as the recipient sees it. Your selection time counts from the time your friend sees the message. When done, press the OK button.

Step 6: Enter the message and send it.
secret messenger

After that, you can enter your message as you would on a regular Messenger screen and send it to your friends.


  • For your information, you can send text, image, or voice messages that are corrupted or missing. However, if the recipient does not see your message, they will remain there in Messenger until they see it.
  • Because the recipient will see your profile and the message below, he may not be able to read it if he does not know the trick and is "looking" to see what exactly he received. If he spends reading the profile and you have set your message to 5 seconds to delete it, it may never reach his eyes.

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