Facebook Messenger unsend: get the message back in 10 minutes

Eventually you will be able to get back messages that you sent and regret on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger will soon release an unsend feature that will allow users to retrieve a sent message within ten minutes of sending time. This attribute will also delete the message from the recipient's inbox.Facebook

Facebook announced the upcoming feature in the "coming soon" of the new version 191.0 of Facebook Messenger at App Store.

The release notes of the application report:

Remove message from a conversation after sending. If you accidentally send a picture, incorrect information or the wrong message, you can easily correct it by removing the message within ten minutes of sending it.

For now, Facebook users can delete the messages they have sent from their own inboxes, but the recipient of the message can read them. At least, so it works for everyone they are not called Mark Zuckerberg.

Whatever it may be, everyone will soon get the new Messenger feature.


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