Facebook Messenger unsend is tested for everyone

Facebook Messenger: A few months ago, was revealed that Facebook technicians were allowing Mark Zuckerberg and other company executives to delete messages they had sent from the messaging platform. In the wake of the revelation, Facebook hastily announced that it would soon make this feature available to everyone.Facebook Messenger

After about six months without any news about the feature they use only internally, Facebook is reported to test its mood for everyone.

"We will provide a wider messaging feature. This may take a while, and until the operation is ready, we will no longer delete the executives' messages. We should have done it earlier - and we are sorry we did not. "

A tweet from tipster Jane Manchun Wong displays screenshots of Messenger's new feature, suggesting that the company may be ready to release it.


The new addition to Messenger options will be different from the known deletion of all messages. The simple deletion of messages allows you to delete only the messages you see, not the messages you see the person you are chatting with. After deleting your message, the recipient continues to have a copy of the message in his application.

With the unsend on Facebook Messenger, you could get back a message. A similar feature exists in WhatsApp, which allows you either to delete a message from you or everyone.

Wong also says that the upcoming Facebook Messenger feature may include a time limit after which the user will not be able to download the message.


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