Facebook Messenger with Unsent available for everyone

Facebook he finally kept his promise. Starting today, Facebook Messenger has made available to everyone the “ for everyone” or Unsent, or in Greek “To be removed for everyone.”
The new feature will help you get back messages with mistakes, bad choices,

Facebook Messenger

For 10 minutes after sending a message on Facebook, the sender will be able to press the button s replaced by “Removed for you.” The social network όπως μπορείτε να δείτε στην παραπάνω εικόνα, πρόσθεσε άλλο ένα “κουμπί” με μια νέα “Να αφαιρεθεί για όλους” που διαγράφει το μήνυμα από τα εισερχόμενα όλων των παραληπτών.

Immediately after, the recipients and you will see one that you have removed a message.

Facebook Messenger

You can instantly test the new feature by sending a message to yourself on Facebook Messenger.

Just click on the three dots left of the message you sent, and the first image options will be displayed,

The new feature could make people more comfortable having honest conversations, and on the other hand it won't let the malicious delete older messages.


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