Facebook - Meta what do you think about the change?

Last week, Facebook he revealed that was renamed "Meta". The new name is a reference to “Metaverse", A term to be used for interconnected virtual reality experiences, in which Facebook Meta invests a lot of time and of course a lot of money.

But now that the dust has settled, what do you think about the new name of the company?facebook connect meta

The news came during Facebook's "Connect" live streaming, where the company talked about its efforts in augmented and virtual reality.

Jason Koebler beautifully described the event in a Vice article: "a delusional fever fever apparently stemming from some dystopian science fiction and misleading or completely fabricated virtual reality product presentations of the last decade."

The event of course went through various social networks with some caustic posts, especially for a bottle of BBQ sauce that Zuckerberg had on a shelf.

But beyond the jokes, it's hard to say that rebranding is anything other than a distraction from the fire that has ignited Facebook's problems.

The company has strongly criticized for lack of enforcement of its regulations in high profile users, tax evasion (like almost any other technology company), WhatsApp privacy policy changes, permissible hate speech and more.

The US Federal Trade Commission is also trying to reverse the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp by Facebook / Meta, but it is unlikely to succeed.

Note that the name change only applies to Facebook as a company. Facebook as a social network will continue to have the same name as Instagram, WhatsApp and other services. However, the company is renaming the virtual reality division from Oculus to Meta - and Oculus Quest devices are now Meta Quest.

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So what do you think of the new name? Do you think Facebook could help withstand the crisis? Do you think that's a good move as the company reportedly focuses more on AR and VR content?

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