Facebook add music to Stories & Profiles

Facebook announced today that it offers several new ways to those who want to incorporate music into their profiles. The company says it has added music to Stories and Profiles.Facebook

From today, users will be able to use music in their Stories. To add music, you have to press "Music" and select the song of your choice. You can select a specific section of a song, or let it play until your story is over. It works just like Instagram stories.

According to the company, the same feature will soon allow you to add songs to your profile. The new Music feature on your profile will allow you to view the songs you listen to, and you can add one of them to your profile to show your visitors what you are at. Visitors who open the Music section will soon be able to hear excerpts from any of your songs, as well as visit the artist's page.

Music on Facebok Stories

Posted by Facebok on Monday, 22 October 2018

Of course, the new feature may not like everyone, as it will turn the social network into a very noisy place.
Facebook has not mentioned exactly when we will see these features.

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