Facebook young people left the platform

It's no secret that many teens have left Facebook in recent years for newer social networking platforms.

The problems have been growing since the social network became more popular with older users, resulting in an influx of parents and grandparents. So the kind of content that teenagers are interested in has disappeared.

facebook old

Facebook has reportedly taken steps to increase its platform impact on teens, such as AR effects in Messenger and Stories on the main platform, but is now planning a lot more.

Facebook users are aging, and it is an issue that is expected to worsen in the coming years. The social networking platform has been the subject of a recent leak from The Verge, which claims, among other things, that Facebook data show that teens will make up less than half of the company's users within the next two years.

This, according to the leak, would be accompanied by a decrease in users between the ages of 20 and 30. Meanwhile, the leak reveals that teens do not engage with the platform as often as Facebook would like.

In a speech to investors, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company is trying to bring back its newest users. Zuckerberg said Facebook had focused on making its services useful to those who use them, but to the detriment of younger users.

The multi-year effort, Zuckerberg said, is likely to result in a slower attraction of new users. As for the near future, we should expect "significant changes" in Reels and an overall boost to the video, which has proven to be extremely popular among teens.

Is this another crisis of the company that will be overcome without leaving any marks? Everything shows the opposite. The name change, and the continuous leaks they are not good signs. At some point investors and the majority of the public will not be happy with the promises and excuses of Zuckerberg.

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