Facebook: Do you think the new news tab will work?

After deleting news from the News Feed. Facebook is trying to gain more traffic from its news channels.

Today Facebook will reveal the "New" tab. The project is already supported by 200 publishers. Among them are the Wall Street Journal and BuzzFeed News. No one seems to have learned his lesson from using the platform.

When building a foreign land do not be surprised to see bulldozers. And really, given Facebook's history with publishers, no one should be surprised.

Let's take a look at the story and learn from it:

The 2007, before Facebook becomes a news priority, launches a platform of developers, leading to companies like Zynga. As soon as spam started flooding the News Feed, Facebook stopped using the platforms used by Zynga. The games then began to migrate to standalone mobile applications, but Zynga never fully recovered.

The 2011, Facebook launches the open graph platform with Social Reader apps that auto-share to friends the news articles you read. Publishers such as The Guardian and The Washington Post are competing for these applications and how many viral articles are being published.

Nevertheless the 2012, Facebook is changing the design of the news feed, and companies have lost most of their users. With these and others, the news media began to close their applications and Facebook began to abandon another platform.


The 2015, Facebook launches Instant Articles, hosting news content within its app to load faster. But the rigid rules of the platform that restricted ads, subscription signup boxes, and the circuits they republished led publishers to abandon Instant Articles. By the end of 2017, many publishers had abandoned the platform.

End of 2015, Facebook has begun to make a "video switch", reporting 1 billion video views a day. So the news algorithm began to prioritize videos and daily views (according to the company) climbed to 8 billion in just one year. Of course news pages shifted their staff and resources from text to video.

However, after a trial it was revealed that Facebook was changing the video viewing metrics from 150 to 900 percent.
By the end of 2017 Facebook had cut off viral videos from 50 millions of hours per day of viewing (over 2 minutes per user) and later allowed publishers to pay for Live video, as its algorithm generally abandoned publisher videos in favor of it. content from friends.

The 2018, Facebook he announced reduce news feeds from 5% to 4%, and prioritize friends and family content. Referrals shrank sharply as Google gained the title of top referrer, while some companies were hit hard like Slate, which lost 87% of its traffic to Facebook. So there are some publishers who feel they have been abandoned.

Traffic from Facebook referrals fell sharply to 87% after changing the algorithm that displayed content from friends and family instead of news.

Facebook typically defends its strategy, saying it does the best for its users. What it does not say is how other stakeholders are given priority.

Facebook needs to maintain a balanced relationship with everyone: its users, developers, companies and advertisers. But this relationship is often abusive, as the company often exploits the end-user using it, along with journalism.

In the meantime, the relationship with advertisers is not the best. Although it is known that there is a duel with Google, Google allows Facebook to survive erroneous metrics, and developers need to be constantly on the alert as they need to change their approach as the social platform changes.

Facebook's revenue doesn't just come from the news, but that doesn't mean it's not interested in the news. But history shows an instability in all the relationships that the larger social network has created.
Will Facebook's new addition be viable, or is it another firework? Once again I have to reiterate that Facebook has not won the trust of the world.

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