Facebook Portal + Portal + when success shows sheep

Facebook revealed last week the Portal and Portal+ smart speakers that can follow you while you're on a video call. The expected to ship in early November.

What will happen; Considering the dynamics of Facebook and the global number of its members, one could assume that the two devices will go very well in sales. Portal

Let's think a little more systematically:

To be clear: I do not make a strategic commentary and it's not a hardware or software review since nobody has tried Portal and Portal +.
This is a different perspective.

Facebook is an Internet company that stands out for offering "free" services that they serve . The company delayed the release of Portals due to the scandals we all know. If there was no story with her Cambridge Analytica Portal devices would have been announced in May, which eventually took place in October.

But ten days before Portal's announcement, Facebook revealed an even bigger data breach, and four days after Portal's announcement, the company announced new details of hack.
The company announced what personal data was stolen: name, gender, email, phone number, language, relationship status, device types used to access Facebook, and recent searches.

So if the was enough to delay the release of Portal, that the hack should have permanently excluded the product.

Let's go ahead:

Eight days after Portal was announced, Facebook confirmed that it will use Portal to learn more about you so it can better target you with ads. The anecdote that Portal is another that Facebook can use to spy on you is no longer a joke.

"Portal voice calling is based on Messenger infrastructure, so when you make a video call to Portal, we collect the same types of information (eg usage data, call duration, call frequency) that we collect from other Messenger messages," said a Facebook spokesperson at Recode.

“We can use this information to update the ads we present to you across our platforms. Other general usage data, such as total application usage, etc. can also be used in the information we use to serve ads. "

However, Facebook's Facebook page reports about Portal "Private by design".

If after all the above someone buys the devices probably so long we talk about with a public that doesn't care about their individual liberties and online protection. So good luck...

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