A Facebook group publishes naked women in the US Army

Scandal in the ranks of the American Army, through a private Facebook team. Yesterday, the Center for Investigative Reporting published a report revealing that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has launched a survey of hundreds of marines after the discovery of a secret Facebook group used to hang naked women's photo of the service.

image: Washington Times

The report, compiled by Thomas Brennan, founder of a non-profit news company called The War Horse, revealed that the pictures of women's service shared in a private Facebook group called Marines United were either posted on the site itself , or through links from a folder to Google Drive. The team consists of approximately 30.000 members, and originally founded 2015.

It is open only to male members of the US Marine Corps, Navy and British Royal Marines. According to a description by a retired mariner at Reddit, this Facebook group has a history with this type of content, with "photos of girls posted without their permission, revenge porn, rape, racist comments and more."

Brennan's post emphasizes that the images or links posted to the group have attracted more than 2.500 comments, some of which urge for more photos. In some cases, the images are accompanied by information about their "subjects", such as names, rank and what they serve.

From TheVerge.

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