Facebook Protect locks accounts that do not enable it

Since the beginning of March, many Facebook users have been receiving an email with the subject line “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect”(Or Turn on Facebook Protect) which states that they must enable the Facebook Protect feature (you can do this by clicking on an email link) by a certain date, otherwise they will be excluded from their account.

facebook protect

The program, according to Facebook, is a "security program for groups of people who are likely to be targeted by hackers, such as human rights defenders, journalists and government officials." It is intended to ensure that these accounts are monitored for hacking threats and that they are protected by two-factor authentication (2FA).

Unfortunately, the email that Facebook sends from security@facebookmail.com looks like a fairly common form of spam, so it is possible that many people ignored it.

It's not really spam. It is true and the first deadline was Thursday 17 March. It seems that many are the ones who have been blocked from their Facebook accounts - and are having problems with the process that Facebook has to bring them back.

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Those who did not activate Facebook Protect before their deadline will receive a message explaining why they cannot log in to their accounts and offering to help activate them. However, it does not always work:

There have also been several complaints on Twitter and other social networking sites that many have been blocked from their accounts even if they have the appropriate safeguards. Some people report that text-only 2FA does not work:

Others complain that they can not go through the activation process even before the deadline and thus are effectively excluded from their accounts.

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