Facebook Reels because there is TikTok

When the TikTok service was banned in India last June, Instagram tried very quickly to take over the site. So Reels started a short video feature.

The company presented its operation worldwide in August 2020.

Now, its parent company Facebook is integrating Reels into the social network. The company is testing the feature in India by giving access to selected content creators to share their Reels created on Instagram in Facebook.

In addition, these users will also be able to create short videos using Facebook tools.

While currently in trial phase, Zuckerberg & Co. is expected to be released globally this year. And it will do so for two reasons.

First, in India, domestic players like MX Takatak and ShareChat's Moj have a large number of users.

Instagram has about 165 million monthly active users in the country, while Facebook has more than 350 million active monthly users on its platform. This gives creators instant access to a much larger audience without having to put much effort.

Globally, TikTok is still the largest player in the field of short videos. This cross-sharing feature will attract potentially great creators to the Facebook platform for short videos.

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