How can we disconnect from Facebook remotely?

Suppose you are in a friendly house and need to log in to your account at Facebook. Or even worse, on a public computer at an airport eg. And leaving there you do not remember if you were disconnected from your account.

Nowadays this could be the beginning movie script!Facebook

What can we do to control which devices we are connected to and disconnect from whichever one we want?

  1. Πάμε στις ρυθμίσεις του Facebook.


2. Security settings.

click "Edit" and the history from where you last logged in will be displayed. If a device is unknown to you, you can remove it.

Μπορεί να γίνει επίσης και από το smartphone με τον ίδιο ακριβώς τρόπο.


Better to have our minds before we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position with strangers scraping our bill and our messages!

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