Facebook: Beyond advertising you are the product

The scandal – Facebook proved to us that the largest social network, in addition to being a huge advertising platform that has access to over two billion users, is also a purely commercial platform.

At the beginning of the social network, many people spent a lot of time trying to understand how it earns το Facebook και καταφέρνει να παρέχει τις υπηρεσίες του δωρεάν.

It is certain that it has never been and will not be free.Facebook

In a previous publication we mentioned why Facebook will it has to pay us to use its platform.

So far, Facebook has managed to convince us that it has discovered a way to make money without harming us. He even documents his rhetoric with dozens of pages dedicated to guides or , but also security tests.

Because we like to believe in miracles, the rhetoric of the company is enough to reassure us.

With her scandal Cambridge Analytica However, this rhetoric went for a walk.

In the best case, all this happened to the company's ignorance, which puts us in thoughts, because if we do, we offer generously our data to irrelevant technologists.

In the worst case, the social network is complicit in "leaking" the data on .

Giving unlimited access to the accounts of 50 million Facebook users with the company's full knowledge is a problem, and a 180-degree turn on the "I earn from . "

Finally what is the social network? are the people doing what is possible to get their data? a huge business, worried about the shareholders, the council, the fines that come when it violates the law?


The answer is probably yes at all, but Facebook is not afraid of losing money. The worst is to accept that to date governments are powerless against companies like Facebook.

Not new: This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. , το Alibaba, η Amazon, η and Microsoft collect data and use it to make money.

But Facebook's data is unique and the same seems to be the way they are used.

The social network is a closed economy based on data collection. Amazon is trying to sell us something or to say it better trying to sell us everything. So did Alibaba.

Facebook, on the other hand, does not know exactly what it does because we are the product.

We can not know the technology that Facebook uses because it is locked under huge economic-trade secrets. It is very complicated for politicians to understand it and to defend better lawyers than those that can be enforced by any Ministry of Justice.

Even if you are thinking of deleting your account, the company has and will not stop collecting data from you through third parties.

The only way to tackle Facebook with all the above is to forget that it's a company, and treat it as a country, according to TNW.

We need a revolt against the misuse of our personal information. We need politicians and business leaders to push Facebook for more democracy.

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